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Eat clean diet challenge 2013

The food for this detox took, at minimum, over 20 hours to prepare over the course of two weeks. Day 3 - One of the most amazing things about the detox is you can eat a whole plate of food (usually greens), or a whole bowl of yogurt, and at the end of it, when you feel like your stomach should theoretically be full, it doesn't feel that way at all and you are still incredibly hungry. My stomach is acclimating to the fact that it's going to be getting less food. The thing that surprises me about this detox: the random cravings.Caloric intake not properly calibrated - I'm somewhat of a large dude, so I probably consume around 2500-3500 calories per day.So I took the Buzzfeed Clean Eating Challenge, and I kept a mini-diary of each day of my journey. Day 5 - Today, I seriously had thoughts about quitting this cleanse early. Day 8 - I had a cheat meal today to celebrate my birthday. My body chemistry seems to be re-orienting to the new diet, but the hunger - it never goes away. We will definitely be adding some of these to our rotation, and already have started making "salad dinner" a regular staple of our meals together.That is a lot of cheddar (or rather, not a lot of cheddar since there is pretty much no dairy in the cleanse).I'm still hungry much of the time, but I can now control that hunger and get used to it. Day 10 - The stupidity of this cleanse has come into full focus for me. Time - If my lovely girlfriend Eva did not agree to do this cleanse with me and help prepare the overwhelmingly vast majority of the food, there's no way I would have been able to successfully complete it.Here is EVERY SINGLE DAY of the clean eating challenge!

I'm hungry a lot of the time, but eating a pound of carrots isn't going to help. Day 9 - If this detox was a flight, I'd say that on Day 9, I've finally reached cruising altitude. I'm in a bad mood, I'm irritable, I'm low-energy, and I don't feel like working out. Weaning you off processed foods and carbs - Carbs are such a huge part of our daily lives. You will need less food afterwards - If you do this thing correctly, you should be much more conscious of your daily caloric intake, and are likely to want to eat fewer calories each day.Since I'm always a fan of crazy ideas, I thought I'd take my dietary recommendations from a site that got popular by posting cat GIFs. And smelling those bagels all day - it was terrible. Which is weird because I don't usually need to have the bagels, but with this low-carb cleanse, anything that smells like bread is heavenly to me. Plus the random cravings for processed foods and sugar are now much less frequent. I'd say at least 70-80% of the recipes are dishes I would enthusiastically try again. In fact, a remarkable realization I've had is that I've really been eating way more food than is necessary for me to stay alive. For instance, today is Free Bagel Day at the office. Day 7 - By this date, the desire for carbs has finally started to subside. This challenge has been the best thing that has happened to me, and I’m so excited to share it with all of you.Make sure if you try to attempt a cleanse that you are willing to take a hit on your social life.

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