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In the next days I’ll take a look at more calendar solutions and apps you recommended, but as far as my workflow is concerned — my quest ends with Calvetica.No one (to my knowledge) has mentioned this point as yet, but it’s one worth bearing in mind.Ti VO let you timeshift your viewing in a much easier way, but essentially it was a VCR on steroids (not a new idea in and of itself, but the way it allowed you to record shows was orders of magnitude ahead, plus it saved you lots of money on tapes). Now you can not only watch TV shows and movies that you’ve bought online or put on your computer in your living room, but you can play music from any playlist you had set up in i Tunes for your i Pod or see any photo album you created in i Photo or watch any home movies you’d made with your digital video camera. But not in this quality, with this much ease of use and not with a full web browser (for watching web videos). But the ultimate secret about the i Phone is that Apple completely misnamed this device. The true name of this portable media player/cell phone/Internet device is the “Mac Nano.” For you see, it’s actually running Mac OS X.Just look at how beautiful this app looks and how wonderfully it performs… Calvetica is more than pretty graphics and typographic love.The i Phone, like it’s sister Apple TV, is in its infancy as i Phone reviews are, too. And then they’ll start ads like: If your first Mac was an i Phone, wait until you see what you can do with its big sister the Mac Book.You can even watch You Tube on your TV, and who knows what else may be coming down the pike for this device in its infancy (e.g., online TV shows and movie rentals in real-time)? What if I want to watch TV on the bus or subway or airplane? So, while Apple’s billing this thing as a phone, what they’re really set to do is literally double the installed base of Macintosh users over the next 18 months. Mark my words: they will sell not 10 million by December 2008 (as Steve Jobs conservatively estimated at Mac World this past January), but 25 million in that time-frame.Wow, I really like the cleanliness of this calendar app… Mysterious Trousers, Calvetica’s developer, listened to user requests, and it’s already back with a major 2.0 upgrade.It is, at least for me, the best calendar application currently available on the i Phone. On my desktop, I don’t open i Cal anymore, I go straight into Busy Cal and now on my i Phone, I’m all about Calvetica.Once a method for developing real applications is released, this little device will really come into its own (can you say “Skype on the i Phone”? If you know how to use an i Phone, you already know how to use a Mac Book or i Mac because they all work the same way.Now, as I’ve argued previously, Apple TV surely is (or soon will be) a paradigm shift of immense magnitude. Why “waste” those transport hours when I could be watching the latest episode of Lost on a stunning, 3.5″ crystal clear screen? Being as there are about 23 million Macs around now, by December 2008 there should be easily 50-60 million computing devices running OS X.Like the beginning of the end of an ice age, I’m calling June 29, 2007, the beginning of the end of desktop computing as 93% of the world knows it.And that, my friends, is Steve Jobs’ true evil genius (well, it’s only really evil if you’re Micro$oft).Sublime.$2.99 calendar app for the i Phone and i Pod Touch, with an emphasis on fast, convenient event creation and a very crisp, stylish UI design.

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